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Akumal without power after rusty pole snaps

Akumal, Q.R. — More than two dozen Akumal businesses were left without electricity Tuesday after a concrete pole snapped. The old pole, which was rusted through to its rebar, snapped about mid-way down from its own weight.

A majority of the power poles are in the same deteriorated condition.

The incident happened Tuesday afternoon in the tourist area of the seaside town. A public complaint alerted CFE (Federal Electricity Commission) personnel to the downed pole that landed against a palapa topped building.

At the point of the broken pole was a set of cables resting near the ground. More than two dozen businesses and several homes are reported affected by the broken power pole.

According to available information, CFE arrived after the public complaint to remove the transformer, however as of Wednesday morning, power is reported to still be out.

Businesses remain closed due to the lack of electricity. The CFE has not made a public comment on the situation.