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Ukrainian ambassador to Mexico asks government to cut Russian ties

Mexico City, Mexico — The Ukrainian ambassador to Mexico, Oksana Dramarétska, has asked the federal government to break relations with Russia after the attack by Vladimir Putin’s forces.

“We consider it unacceptable to maintain diplomatic relations with the aggressor state,” said diplomat Oksana Dramarétska.

At a press conference, Oksana Dramarétska also asked the Mexican government to have a clear position on the armed conflict.

“Ukraine broke off diplomatic relations with Russia. We invite our partners to follow our example. We consider it unacceptable to maintain diplomatic relations with the aggressor state, which openly attacks its neighbor for no reason,” said the Ukrainian ambassador.

Around 5:00 am on February 24 (9:00 pm on February 23 in Mexico) the Russian armed forces attacked Ukraine.

On the morning of Thursday, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, reported that Mexico will maintain its relations with the Russian Federation because “it is one of the things we have to do: maintain dialogue with the different parties that are unfortunately participating in this conflict.”

“Mexico’s position has been very clear both in the previous stage and since Wednesday night, and will continue to be, we are going to be very clearly against the use of force, against questioning the integrity of an independent country which is Ukraine, and in favor of the resolutions of the United Nations,” he emphasized.

Given what was said by the Mexican foreign minister, the Ukrainian ambassador to Mexico expressed the following:

“From Mexico we need a very clear position, because until now we have not felt very clearly the Mexican position. We very much respect the consistency of your (inaudible) support, but today we need a very clear statement, condemning the Russian aggression,” Oksana Dramarétska said.

She also considered that international organizations should consider terminating Russia’s membership for flagrant violations of international law. Those who express support for Russia’s actions in Ukraine are also considered aggressors.