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U.S. blizzard effects extended to Cancun travelers

Cancun, Q.R. — Dozens of flights into Cancun have been affected by the massive snow storm that has hit the midwestern U.S. States into the Great Lakes are experiencing blizzard conditions of snow and strong winds.

Major U.S. cities with direct flights to Cancun such as St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago and New York will all be hit by the storm. Below zero wind chills are expected to eventually reach Texas and Florida.

In Cancun, flights by Spirit and American Airlines canceled their passenger trips into Mexico while others by United and Southwest were delayed. Dozens of flights from the midwest to Cancun International have been affected by the winter blizzard.

The storm, which is sweeping across the east coast, has seen nearly 3,000 flights affected. The extreme weather hit at the start of the country’s busy travel season, a season some say, could be one of the busiest on record.

In December, Cancun International also recorded a new travel record making it the busiest travel day recorded.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported Thursday that 21 percent of flights leaving Chicago O’Hare International and 37 percent of flights departing Chicago Midway had been canceled, making them the hardest hit airports.

Cancun’s managing airport company ASUR has not said how many flights have actually been affected by the U.S. blizzard.