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Two detained in death of armed Cancun robber released

Cancun, Q.R. — A man and woman who were arrested in the death of an alleged store thief have been released. The pair, who were detained Friday, were released from custody on Saturday due to “insufficient evidence”.

On Friday, two men robbed a Kabah Avenue hardware store. As they were fleeing, the owner was arriving and was shot at by one of the two men, which she allegedly hit with her car. A male employee from inside the store who had intended to follow the men until police arrived, also rammed the gunman with his car after saying he too, was fired upon.

The gunman, who was found laying facedown on a sidewalk area, was pronounced on scene. The second man fled the area on foot. Both store employees declared self-defense saying the gunmen fired at them.

Saraí N and Gerardo N were detained on homicide charges by the State Attorney General’s Office, but due to a lack of evidence, were freed.