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Two Cancun taxi drivers arrested for assault

Cancun, Q.R. — Two Cancun taxi drivers were arrested for assault after a verbal altercation turned physical. The incident was videoed by numerous people who saw the two drivers beat the man on a public sidewalk.

The man, who was a hotel worker, made a comment to the taxi drivers about parking their unit where he was waiting for a bus. From there, an argument began that ended with the worker being physically assaulted.

The circulating video showed a third taxi driver arrive and get out of his unit to push and shove the victim before being chased off.

The man was physically attacked by the taxi drivers after asking them to move their unit from the bus stop.

The crowd grew large by the time police arrived. The man was treated for a large head wound. Two of the three taxi drivers involved were arrested.

Last month, Cancun taxi drivers were accused by several Cancun city bus drivers of using threats as intimidation tactics to stop them from offering their service past10:30 p.m. Without nighttime public buses, people would be forced to use the taxis. The city eventually intervened.