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Tulum restaurant owners allowed entry after deadly 2021 shooting

Tulum, Q.R. — Two Tulum restaurants that were the scene of a deadly shooting in 2021 have been unsealed. On Tuesday, the State Prosecutor’s Office allowed the property owners to enter their establishments after being shut nearly 20 months.

Owners of La Malquerida and La Querida restaurants were allowed access Tuesday to verify the condition of their businesses. Both of the side-by-side Tulum restaurants were the scene of a gang shooting in October of 2021 that left dead and injured.

Restaurant owners attorney Juan Miguel Durán, explained that personnel from the Ministry of Public Security and the Navy were sent to unseal the properties on instruction of the State Attorney General’s Office.

Both owners walked into their establishments located in Tulum’s Mini Quinta for the first time since the shooting. Durán explained that recognition of possession is one of the court processes necessary for them to regain possession.

The owners are still in a legal process and unable to take back full possession or open their restaurants for business.