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Tulum most popular Mexicana route during first two weeks of operation

Mexico City, Mexico — Tulum is the most popular route of the nearly 8,000 who have traveled on Mexico’s state-owned Mexicana de Aviación during its first two weeks of operation. Leobardo Ávila Bojórquez, the airline’s Deputy General Director, reported 7,829 passengers from December 26 to January 8, 2024.

He detailed that the airline’s travelers consisted of 6,960 adults and 869 children on the 220 flights offered during those two weeks. At the present time, Mexicana is averaging 16 flights per day around the country.

According to Ávila Bojórquez, the most in-demand flights are those into Tulum followed by flights to Tijuana and Merida. He reported that Mexicana has over 14,000 travel reservations into the month of June.

Most of those travelers have booked trips into the Tulum International Airport (he did not provide exact figures) followed by Mazatlán, Sinaloa and Mérida.

The Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) outside Mexico City is currently Mexicana de Aviación’s main base. From there, 15 destinations are available including flights to and from Tijuana, Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Zihuatanejo, Acapulco, Monterrey, Ciudad Victoria, Villahermosa, Campeche, Mérida, Chetumal, Tulum and Palenque.

On the list of routes next to be added are Uruapan, Ciudad Ixtepec and Nuevo Laredo.

Ávila Bojórquez says the airline intends to increase the fleet of aircraft and crew to respond to the demand for air transportation.

“As their capacities increase, flight frequencies and the number of destinations with rates, above all, accessible under a social approach will increase,” he said.

He explained that the airline incorporates civil and military aviator pilots from Mexicana with 2,500 flight hours, as well as approved flight attendants. Military pilots have competencies in accordance with civil regulations, which apply to commercial flights.

Tulum has been the most sought after Mexicana airline destination during its first two weeks of operation. Photo: January 8, 2024.

“The above will allow Mexicana to fulfill the mission of providing air transportation services available to everyone with high standards of safety, trust and quality, promoting the social and cultural values of Mexico.

“Likewise, we will continue working to be the preferred option for air transportation, offering a high-quality, innovative and efficient service, thus increasing the economic, social and cultural development of Mexico,” he added.