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Tsunami drill sees island of Holbox evacuated

Holbox, Q.R. — A tsunami drill on the island of Holbox had many tourists confused as hundreds from the island were evacuated during a simulation.

The drill was part of National Civil Protection Day which saw hotels, offices and school children evacuated from buildings as part of a drill. Alejandro de Jesús Erosa Betancourt, municipal director of Protección Civil, said that personnel from the mayor’s office, the Navy, National Guard, Municipal Police, Public Security, Port Captaincy, Hotel Association, Health Sector and schools among others, participated in the exercise.

“Although the odds are low, we are not exempt from the risk of a tsunami and we must be ready for any threat,” said the official of the City Council of Lázaro Cárdenas. “The drill will also be useful for action protocols in case of a hurricane.”

The alarm for an approaching tsunami was sounded at noon, initiating the evacuation of tourists from hotels and students from island schools. Some believed the drill to be real, but were explained it was a drill and not to panic.

The drill was coordinated by the Civil Protection Directorate of the City Council.

Alejandro de Jesús Erosa Betancourt said the drill went well and participation was good, especially for the little ones who were delighted to get out of their school routine. Less happy, but just as cooperative were all visitors, who also took part in the exercise.