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Truck crossing involved in ADO bus accident now closed

Cancun, Q.R. — A work road being used by heavy trucks for Maya Train work has been closed. The dirt road was closed after an ADO bus and dump truck collided earlier this month killing eight.

Since the February 6 accident, personnel shut the dirt road that provided highway exit access for the ICA company’s heavy trucks. The construction company working on that section of the Maya Train line has also reinforced signs, warning drivers about the work being done.

The bus and truck accident happened in an area where dump trucks cross the highway with construction material for section 4 construction of the train. The crossing has since been moved several kilometers up the highway near the community of Valladolid Nuevo.

The February 6 accident happened after an ADO bus driver allegedly attempted to avoid hitting a crossing dump truck. The bus driver is said to have tried to brake but ended up leaving the highway and going into a ditch where the large unit overturned onto its side.

Eight passengers were killed and more than 20 injured in the accident. The bus was carrying 40 passengers when it overturned approximately 70 kilometers outside Cancun. The bus had just left Cancun, bound for Merida when the accident occurred.