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To control infections, Holbox reopens to tourists by reservation system

Holbox, Q.R. — As of July 1, at least 50 percent of Holbox hotels will reopen, although visitor access is only by reservation. The Hotel Association and municipal authorities agreed on the reservation system to avoid Covid-19 infections, of which the island remains free.

Bárbara Hernández, president of the Holbox Hotel Association commented that not everyone is on board with the reservation system, however, it is a system that will avoid infections.

“It is important to understand that we are still on orange alert and that the virus is there and we must take the necessary precautions, complying with certifications as requested by the Ministry of Tourism and Health and going even further, asking companies to meet higher standards,” she explained.

The reservation system for visitors will be applicable only for one month, which will allow islanders to resume in the new normal without saturating the island. She says although there are some who do not agree with the system, it is not only about economic recovery, but also about a health emergency.

“The reopening of accommodation centers will be gradual,” she said adding that “some will wait until August, however, there are cases in which some are contemplating waiting until December to reopen.” She stated that for now, there are only two daily crossings onto the island.

According to the Quintana Roo Holbox Tourism Promotion Council, the island has 80 accommodation centers, although only 34 are registered with the association.