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Three detained for shootout with Cancun police, identified

Cancun, Q.R. — Police have identified the three arrested after a chase and subsequent shootout in Cancun Friday. Taken into custody are 25-year-old Brian N from Mexico City, 23-year-old Carlos N from Tabasco and 22-year-old Jorge N from Cancun.

The trio were handcuffed and transferred to police facilities after a chase lead to a shootout in a green area of central Cancun, leaving one other youth, Daniel R, injured.

According to a statement, the events occurred when police officers, who were on a search and location tour for a vehicle that had fired at a unit, was detected. This led to a chase which resulted in the car crashing and those inside fleeing onto a green area where they were eventually captured. Three loaded weapons were found in their vehicle. Three vehicles were also seized.

The FGE has confirmed that one of the detainees has three arrest warrants, one for kidnapping and two for homicide, one of them to the detriment of a police officer when he was outside a convenience store.