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Talk to the Governor project builds new home for elderly woman

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — As part of the Talk to the Governor project held by the state, a new home with furniture was delivered to an elderly woman who was left homeless after a fire last year.

Elisa Sulub from the town of Dzulá in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto was provided with a new home and furnishings after she lost everything in a palapa fire the year before. Since the fire, she has also lost her husband and has been living her daughter.

The 77-year-old Mayan woman explained that she was part of the Talk to the Governor project, telling him about her situation. To her surprise, the government rebuilt her home on the land she and her husband own. She was also given new furnishings that were lost in the fire, which she says, included her dishes.

A truck loaded with a new refrigerator, table and chairs, ecological stove, bedding, kitchen utilities, food and a chest of gifts was delivered to Elisa. She says that after the fire, she had never felt so helpless.

The governor of Quintana Roo explained that people are at the center of his administration, so their needs are a priority. Hence, all government agencies, such as the Secretariat for Sustainable Urban Territorial Development (SEDETUS), the Senior Office, the System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF), among others, work to resolve people’s requests.

Regarding her meeting last year, Mrs. Elisa Sulub said “I am very happy and grateful. No one has ever given me any support. I am living with my daughter because my furniture and dishes burned. Thanks to Governor Carlos Joaquín for the support he is giving me. All my children are very happy and grateful.”

Mrs. Gabriela Chan Rivas, another woman who participated in the Talk to the Governor project last year, also had her request met when she asked to have the drinking water of her community treated.

“It is a very good act on his part because he is personally attending to the people, listening to the problems of each community. It is something that no other governor had done,” she said.

Since 2017 when Governor Carlos Joaquín implemented the public program “Talk to the Governor”, nearly 10,000 people have benefited from the public program where citizens can directly speak about their issues.

The government says that since the start of the program, more than 14,000 requests have been made, of which 73 percent have been tended to.