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Suspension of Mexico-US border wall on Biden’s list

Mexico City, Mexico — Joe Biden’s team announced one of the first measures of his presidential term will be to suspend construction of the US-Mexico border wall.

Joe Biden will begin his presidential term with a declaration of intent in the form of 15 executive actions ranging from reincorporating the United States back into the Paris Agreement and the World Health Organization (WHO), to suspending the construction of the Mexico-US border wall.

Biden’s team announced these steps, which they described as “historic” and with the will of the president-elect to reverse the legacy of his White House predecessor, Donald Trump.

In the meantime, Roberta Jacobson will be appointed coordinator for the border with Mexico. The former US ambassador to Mexico will be named by President Joe Biden as coordinator of the Mexican border for southern border affairs.

The American diplomat will be in charge of managing the border relationship with Mexico by the administration of president-elect Joe Biden, confirmed Juan Sebastián González, Special Advisor to Joe Biden.

“I have always admired Roberta Jacobson. Respected, experienced, and capable, few care so much or have worked so hard to advance US-Mexico relations so that they reach their full potential,” said González who has been appointed to lead Latin American issues within the National Security Council.