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State steps up security due to ongoing turmoil in Tulum

Tulum, Q.R. — The state has stepped up security efforts in Tulum yet again after a string of negative events since the start of the new year. In another attempt at law and order, the state has implemented the use of drones in their battle against Tulum crime.

Last week, police participated in more than 100 fly overs along the coastal area, specifically in Aldea Zama. In a Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) statement, authorities reported 108 drone flights covering 708 kilometers of Tulum coast in search of vehicles known used in crimes.

Police belonging to the Itzamna Drone Group averaged 13 flights per day over Tulum’s coastal areas last week alone. The government of Quintana Roo says around 55 hours of drone time was spent in search of vehicles and motorcycles owned by known criminals.

“In the vicinity of Aldea Zama, operational support was provided to the investigation unit where flights were carried out with the objective of locating vehicles and motorcycles of alleged lawbreakers dedicated to the theft of luxury items.

Drones are being used to help locate known criminals in coastal areas of Tulum. Photo: SSC / CGC

“In addition, surveillance and coverage was provided in current and international events that took place in the town,” the SSC reported.

“We constantly work in conjunction with the Jaguar Investigation and Intelligence Group in the identification, monitoring and arrest of suspects involved in various types of crimes,” they added.

Aerial surveillance is being maintained to reinforce the prevention and deterrence of crime in places with the greatest number of tourists and crime incidences.

In January, an additional 30 military personnel were added to the 90 already stationed in Tulum. The additional men and women were brought in to help reinforced security.

In January, another 30 military personnel were sent to Tulum to reinforce security.

Since the start of the new year, the popular tourist town has been victim to several broad daylight robberies as well as shootings and highly publicized drug overdoses.

Large outdoor events that include raves have been the subject of ongoing debate due to the known drug use by Tulum partygoers. In mid January after an outdoor event, Tulum residents captured a naked man in a runner’s starting position one morning in the middle of traffic.

Tulum motorists drove around the drugged man who was found naked and positioned in a runner’s start on a roadway tope in the center of town. Photo: January 15, 2024.

He was eventually picked up by police, however, his naked appearance was attributed to drug use during one of the town’s many outdoor events which is believed by area residents related to the increase in local drug crimes.

At the end of December, two young Americans were found dead inside their Tulum hotel room that, according to attending medical personnel, were attributed to accidental drug overdoses.