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State Secretary meets with FCP residents to hear community needs

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — State Secretary Cristina Torres met with residents of Felipe Carrillo Puerto Wednesday to listen to grievances. Torres spent the day with citizens who waited to talk with her to explain their community needs.

The Secretary of Government, Cristina Torres, highlighted that concrete actions respond to the instruction and vision of Governor Mara Lezama to serve citizens closely to meet their needs directly in their communities.

Torres said the new government is making a point to not be a desk government, but a government that serves the public at ground level.

“Here we are in front of you… face to face, demonstrating that the government works for the people of Quintana Roo. Our commitment is that each head of the Cabinet visits each community and resolves their requests in coordination with the Town Halls,” she added.

The Secretary of Education of Quintana Roo, Carlos Gorocica Moreno, stressed that it is through meetings of this type that the needs of native peoples are known and a timely response for their concerns is provided.

He said from the meeting, they will work to strengthen the Mayan language in schools as well as the maintenance of indigenous schools, in addition to providing access to new technology and security for girls, boys and adolescents who attend campuses.

While in the municipality, residents also expressed their concerns regarding public projects such as water supplies and social support for the people, concerns, Torres, says, will be analyzed.