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SSP in Mérida arrest man after he fires gun from vehicle

Mérida, Yucatan — Police in Mérida report the arrest of one person after firing gunshots from his vehicle. The incident happened after one vehicle crashed into another then fled.

La Secretaría de Seguridad Pública (SSP) were alerted to the incident and began tracking the fleeing vehicle accompanied by the car that was hit. Once located, the driver and passenger of the car positively identified the vehicle that hit them. When police moved in to remove him from the vehicle, he opened fire.

The 44-year-old shooter was arrested by SSP. Shortly after the incident, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) issued a statement.

“State police assured the driver of a vehicle this afternoon which, after causing a traffic event in the Peripheral, did not stop and when he was caught, fired a firearm.”

SSP reports the arrested man is 44-year-old Fidel C.M. from the state of Tabasco. He was driving a Jeep Liberty with Jalisco license plates. He collided with a Yucatan-plated car being driven by a 42-year-old man.

Police units that responded to the report of the accident located the Jeep approximately one kilometer later. He was stopped and got out of the Jeep, which is when a state police officer noticed the gun, but before he could do anything, the man took fire.