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Search of clandestine bar in Cancun leads to rescue of eight

Cancun, Q.R. — The search of a clandestine bar in Cancun has lead to the rescue of eight women. The women were removed from the bar in a search operation Sunday night.

On Monday, the State Attorney General’s Office said they “completed a search warrant in a clandestine bar where the participating agents rescued eight women who were dedicated to providing sexual services.” Narcotics were also reportedly found during the operation.

“As a result of constant patrols in this municipality, Investigative Police detected a clandestine bar located on 20 de November Avenue near SM 234, where they observed that females who appeared to be minors were constantly entering and leaving.

“As a result of an undercover investigation, they learned that there were several women forced to perform sexual services in the property. After gathering these elements of evidence, a judge issued a search warrant at the aforementioned bar, where they found eight women of different nationalities.

“The agents also seized various doses of green and dry herb with characteristics similar to marijuana, as well as payment books for various services and alcoholic beverages.

State authorities seized the building as a result of the search operation. Photo: FGE January 28, 2024.

“After completing the procedure, the agents proceeded to secure the property by placing the corresponding seals,” the Office reported in a statement.