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Residents capture and tie alleged land exploiter to town pole

José María Morelos, Q.R. — Municipal police were finally able to arrest a man being held by a group of angry residents who claimed ongoing threats due to illegal activity. A group from the Mayan town of Kancabchen in the municipality of José María Morelos captured and tied the man to a town post.

The individual, who was not identified by name, is alleged to be part of an illegal tree cutting operation where the timber is then sold. The allegations stem from an ongoing issue with area residents claiming the illegal felling of trees and the rustling of farm animals.

In total, two men are being accused of the illegal activities taking place on a nearby ranch. Over the weekend, one of the men suspected of participating and issuing threats against residents was captured and tied to a pole.

On Saturday, a group of angry residents who claimed the problems of land exploiting were years-old, captured the man near the ranch and tied him to a town pole where police eventually arrived.

Two police units were sent and initially tasked with calming residents who wanted to take matters into their own hands. The detainee is accused of illegally exploiting ejido lands and threatening community residents since 2022.