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Puerto Morelos increases restrictions, reduces mobility by 70 percent

Puerto Morelos, Q. R. — Additional road restrictions have been applied in Puerto Morelos to further reduce the mobility of people before the critical Phase 3 stage of the pandemic begins. The municipal secretary of Public Security and Traffic, Gumercindo Jiménez Cuervo, reported that in accordance with the head of Public Security, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra, security filters have been installed at the vehicular bridge and entrance / departure from the Old Town.

“After 6:00 p.m., there is no longer any reason for people to continue going out, because at that time, the businesses considered essential are closed and they are the only ones that have permission to operate during the contingency, such as supermarkets, grocery stores and food preparation,” he said.

For this reason, he said that a strategic study was carried out on road arteries that register the greatest influx, such as the low bridge that connects the Old Town, the beach area and the neighborhoods of the community.

“The objective is to inhibit people from continuing to leave the house. We have to face the highest risk phase of the coronavirus due to the community spread that is already registered. The health and life of people are a priority,” he added.

“We have entered into talks with carriers to inform them of this provision that is being followed in Puerto Morelos where the mobility of people has been reduced by almost 70 percent. We are doing well, but we need to double our efforts,” he noted.