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Puerto Morelos Ejido donate land, roads in exchange for infrastructure

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Puerto Morelos city council has received the donation of roads and land in the Urban Zone. The land has been donated by the Ejido, who in exchange, will receive infrastructure.

Braulio Núñez López, head of the Board of the Ejidal Commissariat donated the roads and land for use by the municipality, which will also become part of the municipal heritage.

Mayor Laura Fernández Piña received the donation in the Urban Zone of the locality. The areas inhabited will see the installation of infrastructure and be serviced by the municipality.

“This is a very important day for Puerto Morelos because after almost 25 years, since the process with the Ejido began, today, the longing of many people that for years have waited for a better environment, basic services and infrastructure, becomes an urban reality,” she said.

She explained that the donation of roads and land for equipment areas, which will form part of the municipal heritage, will allow resources to be managed before various instances for drainage, paving, public lighting and the construction of sidewalks in addition to parks, markets and schools.

Laura Fernández thanked the leadership of the Puerto Morelos Ejidal Commissariat Braulio Núñez López, for the process that had stagnated over the years.

“Today sets a precedent in the history of our municipality and specifically, for all families living in the Urban Zone since with the sustainable development that we will promote, the added value of their properties will increase in addition to the quality of life,” she added.

“We are working on the elaboration of the Municipal Program for Territorial Planning, Ecology and Sustainable Urban Development, which will be our first legal instrument as a municipality to lay the foundations for an orderly Puerto Morelos attached to sustainability guidelines,” she said.

Braulio Núñez reiterated the commitment of the board that he heads to continue working hand-in-hand with municipal authorities. He recalled that the process of delivering spaces and roads began on May 26, 1996 with the Benito Juárez City Council, to which Puerto Morelos then belonged, but it was never followed up until now with Mayor Laura Fernández and the current Ejido directive.