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Protesting parents win Chetumal school sewage leak battle

Chetumal, Q. R. — Protesting parents were finally able to capture the attention of Chetumal school officials after a sewage leak inside bathrooms. Photos of a flooded bathroom floor inside the public school taken last week left parents furious.

The group of angry parents demonstrated with signs in front of the State Congress after classes were suspended for several days. On Tuesday, officials from the Institute of Educational Physical Infrastructure (IFEQROO) met at the school to inspect the unhealthy conditions.

Last Wednesday, teachers sent the kids home after the septic tank collapsed. The collapse was believed due to overgrown tree roots.

Omar Gómez, an IFEQROO Project Manager, said that the sewage lines will be cleared so that the bathrooms operate normally, which will mean students can return to classes.

He also noted that the malfunction of the drainage system caused sewage spills in common areas, which will have to be cleaned by the corresponding authorities.

Authorities reported working on the sewage repairs to have students back in classes as soon as possible.
Photo: February 27, 2024.

He said a technical study will help to further diagnose possible failures, meanwhile the primary tasks will be to make the bathrooms operational in the shortest amount of time possible.