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Profeco’s Ricardo Sheffield leaving post for political career

Mexico City, Mexico — Ricardo Sheffield Padilla has announced his resignation from the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) in order to pursue a political career.

Ricardo Sheffield says that he has decided to run for mayor of León, Guanajuato. On social media, Sheffield confirmed his decision saying that while he was at Profeco, he was able to empower consumers, noting that the Profeco team will continue to work especially “in verification of fuels.”

He says that the agency will continue empowering consumers by continuing to verify fuel, LP gas, gasoline and diesel, adding that the agency will also continue with zero tolerance for abuses committed against consumers.

Sheffield held the position for just over 2 years. He will be temporarily replaced by the Deputy Attorney for Services, Surit Romero while they seek the appointment of a new head. Sheffield’s resignation is effective March 15.