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Police execute outstanding arrest warrant for cruelty and bestiality

Costa Maya, Q.R. — Leovigildo “C” was arrested on an outstanding warrant on charges of bestiality. According to the FGE, Leovigildo “C” subjected a dog to acts of cruelty and bestiality that lead to its death.

The incident, according to the FGE, happened on January 30 of this year in the town of Sergio Butrón Casas, located in the south of the state. Leovigildo “C” is believed to have committed acts of cruelty and bestiality against a canine that led to the death of the animal.

Prosecutors from the FGE office, based on the complaint made by the owner of the pet, began the investigation which lead to them requesting the arrest warrant. A Chetumal judge granted the warrant that Leovigildo “C” was picked up on.

He was arrested from a public street in Sergio Butrón Casas and transferred to the Chetumal Social Reintegration Center of Chetumal where he remains.

In November of last year, the State Attorney General’s Office arrested Isidro “C”, “for his probable participation in the crime of animal abuse in his modality of bestiality, which occurred on November 10 in a colony of Chetumal.”