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Police detain 2 more, issue country-wide alert for third in Cancun Alexis case

Cancun, Q.R. — Two more people have been arrested for their alleged participation in the murder of a young woman reported missing in November. In a press release, the FGE says that additional investigations have lead to the arrest of two more believed related to the Alexis case.

The agency says that continued investigations and follow-ups have provided a witness who was able to identify two of the subjects, who the FGE says, have been accused to paying assailants for her death.

The FGE says Yohan B and Luis A are accused of giving the order to kill the woman as well as providing the financial means for a fifth subject to flee after the murder. They say that both men were arrested on different days in different locations and claim to be members of a criminal organization.

In November, Ali L and Ángel S were arrested and found in possession of the victim’s cell phone. An arrest warrant and collaboration alert with Interpol has been requested for the fifth person.

In November, dozens gathered at Plaza de la Reforma in front of Palacio municipal de Benito Juárez in Cancun demanding justice for the murdered 20-year-old woman. That demonstration resulted in police opening live fire against demonstrators, leaving four injured, at least two officials fired and another 11 police officials facing charges.