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Police, city inspectors monitor Cancun Hotel Zone for covid compliance

Cancun, Q.R. — Government authorities are monitoring sections of Cancun, ensuring people are in compliance with the state’s health protocols. During the night, police accompanied city inspectors as they made rounds to the bars and nightclubs along Kukulcán Boulevard in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Entertainment venues that were found open outside of the new restricted hours were closed as patrons were asked to leave. Bars and clubs found in non-compliance were warned of hefty fines and a temporary closure in the event they are found open outside the operating hours a second time.

At the same time, police held checkpoints in various parts of the city during the early morning hours to avoid the crowding of people on streets, and in particular, in Cancun public transport units. Actions are being taken to avoid the state rolling back to a red epidemiological light.

During the course of their night in the Cancun Hotel Zone, inspectors shut one establishment for operating outside the new hours and fined two public transport units for overcrowding.