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Pair detained after firing at Cancun police in troubled neighborhood

Cancun, Q.R. — Two men believed part of the disruption in a Cancun suburb earlier this week have been arrested. Cancun Police say José “N” and Gabriel “N” have both been taken into custody on drug and firearm related charges.

The pair were detained from Alfredo V. Bonfil where, days earlier, two industrial trucks were set ablaze in an alleged failed extortion attempt and gun fire in the streets was reported by area residents within hours of one another.

The following day, Cancun police officers were shot at by men from Alfredo V. Bonfil, which lead to chase to the outskirts of the city.

Cancun Police say José “N” and Gabriel “N” were taken into custody from Emiliano Zapata Street Wednesday during a surveillance operation. Patrolling officers saw the men exchanging, what was believed to be, bags of narcotics.

When police began their approach, both men fled on foot. While running, one of the men pulled out a handgun and aimed it at police. The second man hopped on a motorcycle.

According to the Cancun Police statement, the man with the gun continued to run, eventually pulling the trigger of his weapon that was aimed at police. An assisting police unit was successful in blocking his path and cornering him, putting an end to the foot chase.

The second man on the motorcycle was also successfully intercepted and arrested. Police report that a search of Gabriel “N” located a loaded handgun and an undisclosed amount of bags of narcotics. A search of José “N” lead police to find 104 bags of marijuana.

Police have not confirmed if the two detained men are responsible and / or related to the recent events in the Alfredo V. Bonfil area of Cancun.