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One of two men shot in Cancun shopping area dies on public sidewalk

Cancun, Q.R. — One of two men shot Wednesday outside a shopping area in SM 107 of Cancun has died. The now-deceased was driving with a second man along Paraíso Maya Boulevard when the pair were intercepted and fired upon.

Emergency services sent both police and paramedics to the Wednesday late morning scene where they located one deceased man and another who was seriously wounded. Police have confirmed the now-deceased was found already dead on a public sidewalk.

The second man he was with was located several meters away. He too, was found laying on a public sidewalk. He was rushed to hospital in serious condition with undisclosed bullet wounds.

Witnesses to the 11:00 a.m. shooting told police that the two men were targeted. They were driving in a truck when they were intercepted and shots were fired. Both men fled the truck and began running along the Boulevard when they were hit by the bullets.

Police began a search operation and were successful in locating the alleged gunmen still in SM 107. Taken into Cancun police custody was 29-year-old Cristian “N” and 33-year-old Ramón “N”. During their arrests, each was found carrying a 9-millimeter weapon.