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One of two arrested believed related to deadly Cancun bus shooting

Cancun, Q.R. — One of two men arrested in Cancun Thursday is believed related to a deadly bus shooting earlier this year. The Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC) of Quintana Roo says Emir “N” and Jesús “N” were taken into custody on drug and firearm charges Thursday afternoon.

Both are believed related to high-impact crimes around the city of Cancun. The pair were detained on 18th Street in Superblock 227 after patrolling officers saw them exchanging bags of narcotics on a public street. Both made a run for a parked SUV when they saw police, however, their vehicle was intercepted.

A physical inspection by arresting officers revealed nearly 80 bags of drugs that included marijuana, crystal meth and powered cocaine along with a loaded 9-millimeter gun and 1,500 pesos in cash.

One of the men from the arrest, Emir “N”, is alleged involved in the May shooting death of a woman on a public Cancun bus. The woman was shot and killed while seated inside the bus after, according to witnesses, she had a heated argument with the man beside her.