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New C5 command centre of Cancun said to be one of the most modern in the country

Cancun, Q.R. — The C5 Command Centre of Cancun is up and running and deemed to be one of the most modern in the country. Yei Bee Cerecer López, head of the state information centre, said that the surveillance centre is in full operation and is a tool that guarantees greater citizen security.

He explained that the centre is linked to more than 2,000 cameras around the state, providing surveillance teams with 24/7 monitoring ability. Cerecer López said that after several years in which the project was stopped and started for various reasons, the centre is now functioning 100 percent, mentioning that it was put to the test over the weekend, being used to monitor the electoral process.

In an interview with Radio Fórmula, he explained that the C5 is one of the most modern police command centers in Mexico operated by 350 to 400 people from various dependencies, such as the National Guard, Public Security, Navy, Firefighters, Cyber Police and Secretariat of Tourism, among others.

“This security complex operates with material and technological resources of the highest level to attend any emergency system of the state through coordinated work with all levels of government,” he said.

The official added that the radios carried by police in the state operate through a network that they manage, as well as the more than 2,000 video surveillance cameras. They also coordinate emergency calls, among many other tasks.

“As the video surveillance cameras are interconnected, it will allow us to act faster and be better coordinated,” he stressed while pointing out that the C5 is designed in such a way that it can grow as needs are required.

“With this C5, we will be able to provide better service to citizens, supported by the most modern technology, which will lead to a significant advance in security,” he added.