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National Guard patrol Tulum beaches in increased security operation

Tulum, Q.R. — Several dozen National Guard were seen on the beaches of Tulum Tuesday in an increased security operation. The armed men and woman patrolled beaches in the Tulum National Park, touring the coast and making their presence known.

The increase in security comes on the heels of the arrival of spring breaking tourists. Gabriel Bautista Tapia, Colonel Inspector in charge of the National Guard in the Tulum National Park, said the operation was simply to ensure security and peace for both visitors and park workers.

The patrolling elements have increased their operations on Tulum beaches by foot as well as ATV patrols.

“The presence here of the National Guard is to fulfill one of the functions that this institution has, which is precisely to ensure public safety and the instructions that we have specifically for the National Park is to preserve order, tranquility and the safety of all visitors who come to this place,” he said.

Bautista Tapia said they are also keeping an eye out for illegal activities such as the illicit sale of alcohol, street vendors and drug dealing.

“Our function is to preserve order, security and tranquility, it is the task that the President of the Republic has instructed us,” he added.

On Tuesday, more than 50 National Guard were seen patrolling Tulum beaches from Mezzanine to Santa Fe.