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Modern storm drains being installed on Isla Mujeres prior to rainy season

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Modernized storm drains are being installed around the island of Isla Mujeres to eliminate flooding in heavy rains. The municipal government is adding the new drains as part of the ongoing infrastructure project which is part of a major roadwork overhaul.

The new drains are being installed through the General Directorate of Public Works of Isla Mujeres to prevent flooding and provide greater safety for drivers and pedestrians.

The project includes the construction of storm drains, the rehabilitation of grates and the cleaning and desilting of existing storm drains.

Additionally, the supply and installation of galvanized gratings, the installation of a concrete cover slab, the construction of an infiltration well and sinks will also be carried out, the government reported.

The work is being done in several strategic locations including Av. Abasolo with Av. Guerrero, Av. Abasolo with Av. Miguel Hidalgo, Av. Guerrero, Av. Circuito Salinas, Av. Punta Arenas, Av. Rueda Medina corner C Garza Blanca, Av. Perimetral entrance to Col. Guadalupana, Av. Perimetral between Calle Pámpano and Sierra, Av. Perimetral between Calle Atilano Trejo and Manuel Osorio Godoy, Av. Perimetral between Antiguo Oasis and C. Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, and Av. Airport ring road between Bachilleres and Gas Station.

The new drains are being installed around the island to remove water during heavy rains.
Photo: H. Ayuntamiento de Isla Mujeres February 28, 2024

During a Wednesday work tour, authorities verified 61 percent completion progress in the installation of the new modern drains around the island.