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Minor bitten by Cancun crocodile operated on, hotel issues official statement

Cancun, Q.R. — UPDATED: The minor boy who was bitten by a crocodile Friday night has had surgery. Preliminary information says that the child underwent reconstructive surgery on the calf of a leg to repair the damage caused by the grab.

Although reports of an amputation have been made, authorities have not confirmed that information until now. A representative of Club Med, Melissa Rangel, has confirmed that the boy had surgery and doctors were able to save his leg.

On Friday night, a boy was rescued after he was grabbed by a crocodile while playing near a lagoon area. He was rushed to a Cancun hospital in serious but stable condition. He has since had reconstructive surgery to the affected area, which was to be reviewed by doctors on Sunday.

The victim had a successful surgery with specialists who were able to save the limb but he will require rehabilitation. “There was no need to amputate his leg, he is in good health and stable,” said Rangel.

Doctors have also denied the amputation saying that “he was successfully operated on by specialists, emergency physicians from the hospital, the pediatric surgeon Hector Ortiz Mojica and the plastic surgeon Alejandro Solus Gonzalez.”

“…his limb is intact with multiple sutures, but with good strength, mobility and normal vascularly with good capillary filling, the surgery was successful.”

The child and his family were staying at a hotel in the area of Kilometer 21.5 when the accident happened. Civil Protection indicated that the hotel, Club Med, will likely be fined for the mishandling of the incident after allegations of failing to notify Emergency 911.

There has not been any official statement released by the hotel or by local authorities.

UPDATE: Since our publication, the hotel, Club Med, has released an official statement regarding the accident on their property in the Cancun Hotel Zone. In their statement, the hotel said:

“We are deeply saddened by the incident that occurred at Club Med Cancun. For Club Med the safety and health of its guests is the highest priority. We are providing all assistance and support to the family during this time, and we confirm that the guest is receiving the necessary medical attention, and that they are out of danger. We continue to cooperate continuously and closely with the authorities.

Club Med Cancun is located in a unique natural area, bordered by the Caribbean Sea, a nature reserve and a lagoon. The Nichupté Lagoon is a protected ecological sanctuary and is home to many forms of wildlife, including fish, neognath birds, and crocodiles.

Club Med is collaborating with local wildlife and environmental authorities to ensure the protection of the area while continuing to educate guests and resort staff through signs and fences throughout the property on the importance of maintaining a safe distance from all wildlife.”