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Military patrol find cocaine in Xcalak mangrove

Othón P. Blanco, Q.R. — The Secretary of the Navy, operating as Coast Guard, carried out the seizure of cocaine located in Xcalak mangrove.

The wrapped bricks were found during a land patrol operation along the coast by personnel from the Seventeenth Naval Zone and the Ninth Naval Region. During their Friday patrol, military personnel came upon two wrapped packages of cocaine in the seaside town of Xcalak, located south of Mahahual.

Following established protocols, troops secured the packages for subsequent analysis and legal processing. These packages were later delivered to the Attorney General’s Office in Chetumal, also in the municipality of Othón P. Blanco, to be officially examined and added to ongoing investigations related to drug trafficking.

It is one of dozens of finds along Quintana Roo coasts already this year. Patrolling military continue to located packages of various narcotics that are found washed up along state beaches.

The found drug packages are integrated into the state’s ongoing investigation into drug trafficking.