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Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism meets with Italian officials in Milan to reactivate air connectivity

Mexico City, Mexico — The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico continues in meeting with Italian tour operators to boost Italian tourism. Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, held the meetings with Italian companies during this past week in Milan.

Accompanied by the Consul General of Mexico in Milan, Ambassador María de los Ángeles Arriola Aguirre, Torruco highlighted that Italian tour operators were interested in the reactivation of air connectivity and requested a flight direct from Milan to Mexico.

Torruco Marqués met with representatives of the main tourism media in the region and with leaders of the Mexican community in Milan to boost the flow of tourists to Mexico.

He said currently, Aeroméxico offers four flights a week that connect Mexico City with Rome. As June 1 it will be a daily flight, with which it is expected to increase the number of passengers to 200,000 a year, between Italy and Mexico.

Arriola Aguirre pointed out that a fundamental part of her work is promoting tourism and encouraging investment in Mexico while highlighting the relevance of cultural tourism in both countries.

Secretary Torruco Marqués held meetings with representatives of Italian media specialized in tourism such as Eleonora Bianco from Lonely Planet Italia, Eugenio Bersani, director of Latitudes Travel Magazine, the first Italian online magazine specialized in this sector and Francesca Piana, advisor to the Board of Directors of the NEOS Journalists Association.