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Mexico wishes new US President Biden success

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a message to the newly sworn-in U.S. President Joe Biden Wednesday, wishing him success in his tenure.

“May this ceremony be carried out with tranquility, with peace. May it be for the good of the people of the United States who are our neighbors, our brothers…not forgetting the 38 million Mexicans that live and work in the United States. So today’s event is very important, the arrival of a new president,” he said.

During his morning press conference, he said he agrees with attention to the COVID-19 pandemic, reactivation of the economy and implementation of a migration plan, three of Biden’s main approaches as president.

Regarding the implementation of a migration plan, AMLO said “it is an approach that I believe will be reaffirmed today or in days coming by President Biden, and it will be good for Mexico. This complemented with the support to countries of Central America and the south-southeast of Mexico to face the migratory phenomenon with development and well-being.”

At the National Palace, he also proposed to regularize the migratory situation of Mexicans in the United States.

“I also speak of the joint development plan to stop migration by offering better living and working conditions to Mexicans (…) I hope that today or in the following days, the migration plan will be announced, the regularization of our countrymen who are there, what it will consist of, how they will respect their rights to be recognized as US citizens for those who have dual nationality,” he said.

AMLO also reaffirmed his commitment to maintain a relationship of cooperation and mutual respect with the United States.

Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, also congratulated Joe Biden on his inauguration as President of the United States. On social networks, Ebrard wished Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris the greatest success.

He says that “it will be a very good bilateral relationship” for the benefit of both nations since, with the arrival of the Democrat to the US Presidency a new stage of “mutual respect and shared hope” begins.