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Mexico will accelerate in production of electric cars with investments from Tesla and BMW

Mexico City, Mexico — Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard is celebrating the investments from Tesla and BMW. He says Mexico will accelerate in the production of electric cars.

“Today, Mexico has many possibilities because we are experiencing a great change in the economic supply chain and the economic organization in the world,” Ebrard said in a statement.

Ebrard is celebrating millions in Mexican investments from both Tesla and BMW, saying that the country “is moving very quickly” to accelerate the domestic production of electric cars.

Before an audience of businessmen, global executives and international diplomats, the Foreign Secretary said that the transition from combustion cars to electric vehicles is happening around the world faster than expected.

“For us it is a top priority to accelerate electromobility and the country’s energy transition because everything is changing faster than planned,” he said during the Raisina Dialogue in India.

Recently, the BMW company announced a million-dollar investment in San Luis Potosí, while last week, Tesla announced the construction of a gigafactory electric car plant in Nuevo León.

Both investments were managed by the SRE and will generate thousands of jobs.

Secretary Ebrard also confirmed the opening of the Consulate General in Mumbai, India’s financial capital, which aims to accelerate opportunities in Mexico country with different sectors, specifically with the Indian pharmaceutical industry, which in turn translates into better prices and better quality medications.