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BMW starts electric vehicle production in San Luis Potosi plant

San Luis Potosí, Mexico — Mexico’s President has announced the start of the production of electric BMW vehicles in the country. Over the weekend, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced their production in San Luis Potosi.

During his press conference, he said that the start of the production of the BMW electric vehicles in San Luis Potosí reflects the confidence that foreign investors place in Mexico.

“Mexico has exceptional conditions for investment in the world. It has many comparative advantages, which is why the industry is developing,” he said.

“I thank the managers of this plant and of the worldwide BMW company for trusting in Mexico, for trusting in San Luis Potosí and, above all, for trusting in the workers of this state and our country,” he added.

During the announcement from the BMW plant, he explained the company will be investing 800 million Euros in the state for a new battery production center. “In addition, the company will expand the assembly and bodywork building. Both projects will create around 1,000 thousand jobs by 2027,” he noted.

From the plant in San Luis Potosí, the President highlighted the creativity and effort of Mexican workers.

“It is a very creative, very responsible workforce which is not easily found elsewhere. (…) Success is assured for this new plant, which also means going forward, thinking about the future. It is the future of the automotive industry,” he pointed out.

López Obrador made the announcement with members of the Board of Management for Production of BMW AG, Milan Nedeljkovic, the president and CEO of the BMW Group, San Luis Potosí plant, Harald Gottsche and the associate of the BMW painting area, Marisela Escalante Castillo, among others.