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Mexico has support of 17 attorneys and 23 U.S prosecutors in lawsuit against arms manufacturers and distributors

Mexico City, Mexico — The Secretary of Foreign Affairs says Mexico has support from 17 attorneys and 23 prosecutors from the United States in the country’s lawsuit against gun manufacturers and distributors.

“I inform you that fortunately we have the support of prosecutors in the United States from 13 states of the American Union, and we also have at this time precisely 26 District Attorneys from 17 states including Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas and Virginia, where they refer to this lawsuit filed by Mexico and express how the same thing has also happened in their states and cities,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said.

“This support from so many states of the American Union, from attorneys general and also from some countries like Antigua in the Caribbean, like Belize, which we appreciate very much, and little by little we suppose other countries in the world will be added arguing that measures must be taken so that this negligence and this arms trafficking does not continue to exist,” he said.

Last month, Ebrard and the Government of Mexico were named Arms Control Person of the Year by the Arms Control Association for the country’s lawsuit against arms manufacturers and distributors in the United States.