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Mexicans opt for train as way to explore Canada

Data shows the number of Mexicans visiting Canada continues to increase with Mexican nationals preferring train as a way to explore the country.

Statistics from Canadian immigration authorities show more than 359,000 Mexican nationals head to Canada each year to explore the country. According to Destination Canada, the most visited provinces include British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

Israel Gómez, representative of VIA Rail in Mexico says that their train routes were the most popular option among Mexican tourists who visited Canada. He says since 2017, the number of Mexican travelers has tripled.

He explained that it’s their corridor routes that prove most popular, serving some of the largest cities in Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, as well as Niagara Falls, which remain the most sought after itineraries by Mexican travelers exploring Canada by train.

He said that passengers prefer the advantages offered by traveling by train since the mode of transportation is fast, efficient and comfortable and includes free WiFi.

He also noted that other visitors prefer to explore the extensive geography of Canada taking advantage of the long distance train services offered by VIA Rail, such as The Canadian that runs through Vancouver and Toronto and The Ocean that goes from Montreal to Halifax in eastern Canada.

Gómez says that “Mexico is one of the most important international markets for the development of VIA Rail”, being among the main international tourists to Canada behind the United States, the United Kingdom, China, France and Germany.