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Mexican businessmen hoping Belize Free Zone reopens for December

Chetumal, Q.R. — The Belize Free Zone could open its doors on December 1 with the economic reactivation of its new Prime Minister, Juan Antonio Briceño. To date, companies and business of Belize have not confirmed that the opening of the free zone will be on December 1, however, they have approached the new prime minister regarding an economic reactivation program for the Belize Free Zone.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce in the area, Daniel Torres, indicated that they have had a rapprochement with the newly elected Prime Minister of Belize, to whom they have proposed a gradual reopening as of December with the application of health protocols to avoid a possible rebound of the virus.

Although there is no specific date, the proposal considers, in a first stage, the entry of investors, then to wholesalers and then a total and complete reopening taking care of the allowed capacity of customers to the free zone.

Many Mexicans have businesses in the Belize Free Zone, which continues to be shut after eight months as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. On October 1, Belize reopened its main airport to tourism, however, land travel remains restricted.