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Mayor welcomes another 28 officers to Solidaridad police force

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Another two dozen police officers have been added to the Playa del Carmen force. Mayor Lili Campos welcomed the 28 new officers after completing courses and graduating.

During their inaguration, Campos asked the municipality’s newest police members to work with loyalty, by and for our people, their families and all of Solidaridad in prevention, crime deterrence and protection.

“In previous governments, trust in the corporation was lost. Today, we are recovering it and it depends on all of you that it be completely achieved,” she told them.

Campos explained that the city’s newest members will strengthen the operational work of the tourism and transit corporation.

She recalled that at the beginning of her administration, there were barely 20 patrol units and 714 active elements.

“Today we have 927 police officers and 226 units, including patrols and motorcycles, which has been achieved with the efforts of the City Hall, the cabinet and the citizens who comply with their taxes,” she said.