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Maya Train sniper transferred to FGR for mental evaluation

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — The man allegedly responsible for shooting Maya Train workers has been transferred to the FGR. During the state’s Monday morning FGE press conference, the agency reported that the Attorney General Republic’s Office (FGR) is taking his mental health into account before proceeding.

The state agency said that the detained suspect, who is in the custody of the FGR of Quintana Roo, is being evaluated to determine if he will be admitted to a psychiatric hospital or if the traditional criminal justice system will be applied.

The man detained for the alleged shooting of eight people along section 6 has been identified as 45-year-old Fernando “H”, who has been described as a Mayan hermit.

He was taken into police custody last week after taking aim at at least eight people along section 6 of the under-construction Maya Train route. Not all eight were construction workers or seriously injured. At least one person shot was a taxi driver passing through the area of section 6.

The last two people, both men, that were shot at were grazed with a pellet gun and treated locally in Felipe Carrillo Puerto hospital.

The sniper was finally apprehended Friday after, the day before, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador gave the operational order to National Guard to find those responsible.

Fernando “H” was captured by National Guard in Felipe Carrillo Puerto jungle after he was reported stealing water from a ranch the day before. He reportedly has a criminal record involving guns that dates back 12 years, and has been previously admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Merida.