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Man killed by bus while riding bicycle on Playa del Carmen street

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A cyclist was killed Thursday afternoon in Playa del Carmen after being run over by a bus. The bus, which was a company staff transport unit, ran over the man on Colosio Avenue while he was on his bicycle.

Police responding to the 5:00 p.m. call made by witnesses arrived to find the man deceased in the center of the road. His crumpled bicycle was located several meters away. Witnesses told police that the bus driver turned at the intersection when he ran over the bicycle and continued on his way.

Citizens noted the bus number and license plate for police, who intercepted and stopped the unit two blocks away. Municipal Transit agents arrived to cordon off the area. Private paramedics also came only to confirm the man no longer had vital signs.

The driver of the bus was arrested and transferred to Public Security for the delineation of responsibilities, while the vehicle was towed to the corral. It is not known if they driver of the bus attempted to flee the scene or if he continued on his journey not knowing he hit the bicycle.