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Mahahual beach slammed with sargassum due to misplaced barriers

Mahahual, Q.R. — Businesses in Mahahual are reporting on the mass and sudden arrival of sargassum. The seaweed made beach landfall in an area where the anti-sargassum barriers were not placed. That area happens to be along the northern boardwalk.

Angela María López said that Semar, in charge of placing the barriers, were notified that the barriers were placed outside the tourist area and would result in sargassum hitting their beaches. She said that officials did not listen to them, and now, several tons of the seaweed has collected along the beach.

“I know that the navy does its job, but it must also listen to opinions because it is affecting us,” she said.

López said that businesses have begun to manually remove the seaweed themselves, averaging no less than 200 wheelbarrows of it per day. She also said that so far, no municipal or state authority has joined the cleaning efforts.

Others beaches around the state, including Puerto Aventuras and Playa del Carmen, have also begun to record moderate amounts of arriving seaweed.