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López Obrador offers asylum to Nicaragua prisoners

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says that protection and the right of asylum will be granted to anyone who makes the request. He made the comment Tuesday in light of the political situation in Nicaragua.

On Tuesday morning, López Obrador said that the option of of granting refuge to people from that country is open.

“The instruction is that the doors are open to all those who want to be in our country (…) tell them that Mexico has always been open to providing protection and asserting the right to asylum,” he said stressing the need to practice universal brotherhood and solidarity.

“We want all of us who were born on this continent, and those of us who were born on other continents, to act as brothers. What we have to seek is universal brotherhood,” he said.

The president endorsed the position of respect and in favor of talks with the purpose of resolving controversy in the international context.

“We cannot move away from the possibility of helping in reconciliation (…) We are respectful and what we want is to seek to resolve differences through dialogue. Many opponents from other countries choose Mexico to come to talk because it is a country that guarantees them freedoms, and that is what we are basically looking for. (…) It is possible to talk, everyone talks, even the staunchest enemies,” he stressed.

That is why Mexico, he added, promotes the establishment of agreements and reconciliation with the objective of procuring the human rights of political prisoners in Nicaragua.

During his Tuesday press conference, AMLO presented a letter that he sent on December 1, 2022 to the President of the Republic of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega Saavedra, in which he addresses the willingness of Mexico to receive Dora María Téllez, Sandinista guerrilla, and any prisoner who requires shelter, as a humanitarian act.

“This approach responds to humanitarian reasons. I reiterate: we are not motivated by another interest other than brotherhood with the people of Nicaragua, our common history and Mexico’s commitment to always open the doors to those who consider it essential for their security and protection, beyond ideologies and political positions,” he read from his letter.