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López Obrador green-lights work on new international airport at Santa Lucia

Mexico City, Mexico — The President of Mexico has given the green light to begin work on the future International Airport General Felipe Angeles, in the Military Air Base of Santa Lucia.

López Obrador said that this will be an example of how a rational, austere policy can be carried out within the framework of honesty and will mean a savings of 100 billion peso, which he says, will be invested in other places.

“We were going to spend the next three years building the new airport,” he said, explaining that this project will be more efficient than the Lake Texcoco (NAIM) airport project whose cost was estimated at 300 billion peso with an estimated completion date of 2024.

Once finished, López Obrador’s airport project at the Military Air Base of Santa Lucia will be a mixed military-civil airport, replacing the canceled international airport project of former president, Enrique Peña Nieto.

It is projected to be operational for 2021.