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Lack of glass and excess demand for aluminum has some Mexican beer producers behind

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — A lack of glass bottles and a sharp increase in the price of aluminum has created a shortage of some Mexican beer brands. For the past two months, some of the country’s popular beer producers have been unable to keep up with demand.

While most brands can be found, some, such as loggerheads, have become scarce. Cuauhtémoc Rivera, President of the National Alliance of Small Merchants (ANPEC) says a recent survey found the northern region of Mexico is currently suffering the most.

He says it could take as long as three months for some brands to be available again on a regular distribution basis. However, other states such as Zacatecas, Guanajuato and Guerrero are also registering a shortage.

He says beer companies, soft drinks companies and other beverage industries are faced with the low availability of glass to which is added the high costs of aluminum and cardboard. This situation, according to ANPEC, only adds to the problem of increased demand due to the season.

“In summer is when more beer is consumed. The demand increases in some places by 100 percent,” he told Expansion. Production stoppages have not been announced, only delays.

Pedro de Lara, president of the Mexican Brewing Association (Acermex) also confirmed the production problem. “We managed to make an agreement with a national bottle manufacturer to consider part of their production for craft beer, so through consolidated purchases, we have managed to reduce the impact a little.”

Pedo de Lara said that with the lack of glass, the excess demand for aluminum and a product shortage combined with inflation, manufacturers are expected to propose a price increase around August of this year.