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Jamaican man reacts violently inside Cancun International after being denied entry into Mexico

Cancun, Q.R. — A Jamaican man who had arrived at the Cancun International Airport became outraged inside the INM area after being denied entry access into Mexico. The incident happened on December 23 inside Terminal 2.

In an official statement from the Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) dated January 6, the federal agency said that he arrived on December 23, but failed to provide the legal requirements to enter the country for which he was denied entry.

After being denied entry into Mexico, “he became violent, broke a window and threatened authorities and other airport users with it (a piece of glass). He was returned on December 24.”

In their official statement, they said “the National Institute of Migration (INM) of the Ministry of the Interior reports that on December 23, a person of Jamaican nationality was not admitted to enter the country for not accrediting the requirements established in the law, before which he assumed a violent attitude towards public servants and users of Terminal II of the Cancun International Airport, Quintana Roo.

“Said person arrived on December 23 and was taken to the INM’s second review area at the air facilities to explain the reasons that prevented his entry into national territory, but he responded with an inappropriate attitude and repeatedly hit the glass of the room until it broke.

“He took one of the broken glass pieces and used it to threaten the INM personnel as well as the passengers located in that room and, later, in the migratory filter area.

“He tried to escape from the international airport facilities, but the federal immigration agents on duty, with the support of elements of the National Guard, managed to remove the glass from his hands without injuring the immigration personnel or the users of the air headquarters.

“In strict adherence to the law and human rights, he was returned to Panama with the assistance of two federal immigration agents on December 24, 2022.”