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Isla Mujeres starts investigations for irregularities of former administration

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The government of Isla Mujeres says they have begun the process of filing complaints against the previous administration. In a press conference, the Secretary General of the City Council, Hugo Iván Sánchez Montalvo, said that legal processes have been initiated by the current public administration.

He said 39 files were presented before the Municipal Comptroller’s Office of which five have been resolved. However, the remaining files are being turned over to the investigation unit to determine possible irregularities from the various previous administrative units.

Sánchez Montalvo said on January 7, the first complaint was filed for negligence in the performance of the function or position of public duty before the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in the Fight against Corruption.

In coming days, they will be presenting three more complaints in the company of the Directorate of Legal Affairs before the Prosecutor’s Office.

“We are complying with what the law establishes. As our mayor promised, this is a government that is transparent and close to the people who, since the beginning of the administration, have been finding out through these press conferences about important issues that citizens are interested in knowing about,” Sánchez Montalvo explained.

Tatiana Serrano Magaña, Municipal Comptroller said that processes have been initiated in accordance with her legal obligations and the times established by law, as well as the processes initiated by the Comptroller’s Investigation Unit.

She said the Comptroller’s Unit has opened other investigations related to the exercise of the functions of public servants, to the exercise of the functions of the elements of the police, on the contracting of public works and the sanitation rights received by the previous administration.

“We are pleased to comment that all the officials of the current administration have complied with the initial declaration of the position, which will allow the Comptroller’s Office to carry out a random review of public officials in order to comply with the fight against corruption,” she added.