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Inspectors find Cancun, Tulum and Puerto Morelos with highest number of public transport offences

Cancun, Q.R. — So far this year, the state has fined 134 public transport units for failing to respect health protocols. In the first seven days of June, 17 units have been fined for violating state health protocols which include failing to use mouth masks and respecting maximum passenger capacities.

Juan Barrera, director of Supervision and Surveillance of the Mobility Institute of the State of Quintana Roo (Imoveqroo), explained that the largest amount of sanctions have been handed out in the northern zone with a total of 93.

He detailed that drivers in Cancun have received the most with 33 fines followed by Tulum with 30 and Puerto Morelos with 19, followed by Playa del Carmen with 11. He added that fines range from 7,000 peso up to 13,000 and are not actually made out to the drivers, but to their concessionaires.

The most common repeat violations are being over capacity, he said, adding that has also been the case with Othon P. Blanco where in the last three days, inspectors pulled over vans to find one loaded with 15 people and the other with 18, noting that the maximum at the moment is five passengers.

He said that the vehicles being inspected are both inner city units as well as the transport vans that run between municipalities.

The State Secretary of Health reported that the risk of contagion is high in confined spaces such as public transport units since there is no proper air circulation, so aerosols emitted by a person can reach others, accelerating the rate of contagion.